Voice-over, dubbing, and subtitling

We offer an integral service for our clients by translating all kinds of institutional videos. This process includes audio transcription, translation, revision, edition, voice-over arrangement, and subtitling. These steps allow us to deliver a product with high quality standards.



We work with professional voiceovers who bring our client scripts to life while maintaining the original tone, audio purpose, and specifications set out by the client.



We conduct the translation, voice-over, and edition of audio from videos. Translation is performed by qualified professionals who are assigned according to the video content and the client guidelines. Then, we assign the right speaker, and finally, we edit and adapt all the translated content, generating a video with high quality dubbing.



We translate audio from videos and then incorporate the subtitles in a synchronized manner, maintaining the fidelity of the message that our clients wish to convey while taking charge of linguistic and technical aspects.

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