Our History

Tvains Beginning

Tvains International is founded as a translation company in Argentina by Mario Vainstein and Fanny Tepper in 2000 with the purpose of providing translation services for the pharmaceutical sector.

Location in Colombia

In line with the growth organizational strategy, the company opens its office in Colombia in 2011, where the exponential and sustained growth begins.

ISO 9001 Certification

Tvains begins deploying its Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2008. Later, the Company is granted a certification in said standard by Bureau Veritas. Internationally, Tvains is certified with ONAC, UKAS, and ANAB.

2013 (I)
UNE Certification

Certification process with the European standard on Requirements for translation services EN 15038:2006, and is granted said certification by TÜV Rheiland.

2013 (II)
Gold Standard

Tvains becomes a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and deploys SDL Trados Studio.

Location in USA

The Company opens a new business office in Miami, FL, USA.

Location in Mexico

The Company opens a new business office in Mexico, which allowed for diversification of the service portfolio and the consolidation of Tvains as a strategic ally of clients across the continent.

New Headquarters

In 2019, the Company acquires new offices at San Roque Business center in Cajicá, in line with its mission and vision as a sustainable and high-value organization.

CEO Departure

After the departure of Tvains founder and CEO, Mario Vainstein, in 2020, the Company starts an administrative restructuring process.

New Vision

Fanny Tepper, the majority shareholder of the Company, takes over the management by implementing strategies that have provided a new air to the organization climate from a modern, socially responsible, transparent, and profitable perspective.


We are a company specialized in the provision of Language Services and Design & Advertising, generating strategic alliances with our clients, employees, and suppliers. These alliances allow us to deliver timely solutions with high quality, which makes us a socially responsible, transparent, and sustainable company.


In 2026, Tvains will be classified as one of the five (5) top translation companies in Latin America, and it will be considered a leader in Language Services and Design & Advertising for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology, industrial, legal, financial, IP, and copyright sectors. Tvains will have offices in 10 countries (Argentina, Colombia, United States, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Switzerland, Ecuador, Ireland, and Spain). It will be consolidated as a business holding in new industries, where Tvains will have outstanding positions. Tvains will count on a highly committed and satisfied staff, as well as a with a trustworthy and lasting relationship with its clients, while being responsible with the environment and with society. This will guarantee the company sustainability and will support the growth of the countries where it operates. 

Why Tvains

Customer Service

We base our customer service experience on four pillars:
1. Optimism: We work with personnel that faces challenges with a positive attitude, always looking for and providing customized solutions for each of our clients’ requirements.
2. Respect: Respect is not only practiced within our organization; it is also reflected in the relationship with our clients.
3. Trust: Trust is the basis of good communication, so we seek to establish relationships that generate mutual trust. This includes recognizing our errors when we make mistakes.
4. Communication As stated by playwright George Bernard Shaw: "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Because of this, we make sure that all the parties involved in a project and customer service correctly understand the information, thus providing the best user experience.

Tvains Server

We have a SharePoint to transfer sensitive material. This guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided by our clients with the highest security standards and permanent access to information only by authorized users, from any country as required. This allows us to optimize our resources and offer an agile, effective, and friendly service.

SDL Trados 2021

SDL Trados 2021 is the computer-aided translation tool we use to manage translation projects with higher precision and to ensure quality in each step of the process.

Quality Assurance

We make sure that we provide solutions with the highest quality by means of service agreements to know our clients’ expectations, continuous internal and external feedback, and ongoing staff training.

Our team

Fanny Tepper


Edwin Moreno


Catalina Riveros


Diana Rodriguez


Lesly Sánchez

Human resources

Values and principles

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Passion is our internal motivation, in consideration of our own intrinsic and unique desires. It is the energy that comes from within instead of being imposed from the outside, which encourages us to get up every morning and to continue learning and evolving to provide the best services for our clients. Passion is what maintains our high rigorousness level.



Through its mission, Tvains contributes to two United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: decent work and economic growth, through fair and equitable work conditions and technological innovation for productivity increase; and partnerships for the goals, since we facilitate negotiation processes between countries through our services, promoting an equitable, fair, and open universal commercial system.



En nuestras relaciones con colegas, clientes, proveedores, contratistas y demás grupos de interés somos dignos de confianza y actuamos con integridad, siendo honestos y promoviendo la crítica constructiva que nos permite la mejora continua.



We are proud of providing high value services and products maintaining rigor in each step of the process, guaranteeing client satisfaction, profitability, the future of our employees, and the company growth.



Accountability and acceptance of personal responsibility are integrated at all business levels and in decision-making. We lead by example and we focus on what we are capable of doing, thus providing effective solutions.

Quality Policy

Integral Management System Policy V13.1

TVAINS acknowledges the significance of human talent, and has a highly qualified staff committed to their work and with the company. Among its priorities, the Company establishes the implementation and continuous improvement of an Integral Management System supported by senior management, aiming to ensure the complete physical, mental, and social well-being of its employees and contractors, providing safe and appropriate workplaces. TVAINS is aligned with legal, standard, and other applicable requirements for OSH and Quality, and is committed to observe the policies defined, to continuously improve its processes in order to satisfy its clients, generate long-term relationships with its stakeholders and get the expected results. Because of this, compliance with ALL the processes, procedures, protocols, and instructions established will be mandatory for ALL stakeholders. Management commits to supplying any and all resources needed for compliance.

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