We provide interpretation, both in person and virtually, to help our clients overcome language barriers in their negotiation, training and communication processes in general.

  • Simultaneous interpretation

    The interpreter communicates the message at the same time as the speaker speaks, through a channel enabled only for the receiver (it is usually unidirectional).

  • Consecutive interpretation

    The speaker should give a short message, wait for the interpreter to translate to the recipient, and continue with his speech (usually bidirectional).

    Minimum day per interpreter (simultaneous)

    • English – Spanish – English.
    • Up to 90 minutes.

    Half day per interpreter (simultaneous)

    • English – Spanish – English.
    • 91 to 240 minutes.

    Full day by interpreter (simultaneous)

    • English – Spanish – English.
    • 241 minutes until the end of the 8 hour day.


    * To ensure the successful execution of the event, it is requested to confirm and approve quotation ten (10) business days before the date of the event.

    * Delivery of study material, glossary and agenda should be sent via email five (5) business days prior to the event’s execution.

    Rental of equipment or virtual platform

    We have dedicated equipment for interpretation, such as booths, sound consoles, amplifiers, microphones, transmitters and receivers, to ensure the quality and fidelity of your events. For virtual events, we have a platform adaptable to the needs of our customers, which allows us to carry out the event, ensuring quality and security in the information.

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