We provide interpretation services to help our clients overcome language barriers in negotiation, training, and general communication processes.

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter communicates the message while the orator speaks. This is done using a channel set up only for the recipient (usually, it is unidirectional); while in consecutive interpretation, the orator should provide a short message, wait for the interpreter to translate it for the recipient, and proceed with their discourse (usually, it is bidirectional).

We can provide both services virtually or in person with state-of-the-art equipment and platforms.

Rental of equipment or virtual platform

We have specialized interpretation equipment, such as cabins, mixing consoles, amplifiers, microphones, transmitters, and receivers to ensure quality and fidelity in your events. We have a virtual event platform adaptable to the needs of our clients, which allows us to carry out the event guaranteeing quality and information security.

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