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Tvains Talent is a business unit of Tvains International, a multinational company with more than 15 years of experience. We offer our clients a complete service portfolio that consists of 5 lines of work: selection and assessment of executives, strategic talent management, implementation of integrated management systems (SG SST), training, and Human Talent consulting service provision.
Years of experience

Selection and Assessment of Executives

Professional experts with more than 20 years of experience in searching, assessing, and hiring executives of all levels.

The consulting service consists of the following stages:

  • Recruitment
  • Market Research
  • CV Pre-selection
  • Assessment
  • Shortlist of three candidates
  • Biocoaching support to the selected executive for 3 months
  • Assessment Center

We offer effective selection training workshops for human resources departments and/or leaders of this process.

Strategic Talent Management

These services are a very effective organizational tool, as they align strategic goals and increase performance, sustainability, and productivity indicators of the company.

To achieve this, we offer various programs that meet organizational requirements.

BIOCOACHING® for the Company

Our development portfolio is managed by Biocoaches certified internationally by the IBS, which ensures a common language and a validated BIOCOACHING® practice, with the highest performance standards and a single and demanding code of ethics. This commits us to obtain amazing results in our clients.




    • BASIC LEVEL: International Certification as Professional Coach.
    • ADVANCED LEVEL: International Certification as Organizational Coach.
    • MASTER LEVEL: International Certification as Life Coach.
    • SENIOR LEVEL: International Certification as Biocoach.

Implementation of Integrated Management Systems

This service ensures the alignment of legal standard requirements with respect to the needs and strategic goals of the company.

  • Occupational Health and Safety – SG SST
  • Quality Management


We support the creation and implementation of training schools and a Corporate University to ensure knowledge management in our clients.

Human Talent Consulting Service

Tvains Talent has an interdisciplinary team with a vast experience in the areas of Human Resources, and it is capable of creating and developing specialized consulting proposals that are aligned with the needs of the organization. In this way, we ensure comprehensive management and sustainability for the compliance of defined strategic goals.

  • Comprehensive Well-being Plans
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Climate
  • Recognition Systems
  • Strategic Planning
  • Innovation

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